3D Printing

Bring Your Creative Vision To Life With 3D Printing

Here you will find the 3D printing services we offer:

Print Pre-Existing Models
Do you have 3D models that you want to print? We made it easy for you.
Don't have 3D models but still want prints? No problem. Choose from a large library of free 3D models by going to this link: (https://www.thingiverse.com).
Custom Designed 3D Prints
You want it? We can model it.
We use industry standard software such as Maya, Blender, Daz3d & Tinkercad to create custom 3D models for you. If you have a vision, we can do all the work.

Price varies depending on print quality and model chosen.

Below are some examples of our work:

Maximum print resolution is .1mm. Printing material is PLA. Higher resolution prints that are 1mm and under, with high Infill Densities will take longer to print and will use more PLA, which will increase the costs. All prints will come with support structures still on unless otherwise stated.

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