New Human Designs was created by Gabe Salomon and Shahram Ahkavan in the spring of 2019. NHD was sparked by the inspiration to assist others in bringing their creative vision into fruition. Our mission is to enhance the world through our services, products and creative ingenuity. Both Gabe & Shahram have worked with Bohemi+Chic a major Web Development company, listed as one of Shopify's top Experts. With our combined skills, we are now starting our own company to help others bring their vision and online presence to life, utilizing software and technology.

Gabe Salomon

Gabe is an artist, musician, entrepreneur & visionary leader who is best known for his spiritually insightful & creative archive of work. At the age of 17, while attending music college, Gabe underwent a radically transformative spiritual awakening. It was from that point he decided to devote his life's work to the betterment of humanity.

In 2015, Gabe co-founded Musical Chordination, an organization that focused on bringing music therapy to youth centers, schools & rehabilitation centers around the New England area. Shortly after the inception of Musical Chordination, Gabe started a YouTube channel and began to amass a social media following. This was the start of his rapid transition into film making, digital art, animation & 3D modeling. With the addition of these skills added to his creative pallet, he began to make videos that combined his music, art & spiritual philosophy. His evolving creative exploration lead him to become highly proficient at a variety of software applications & allowed him to start offering software education & design based services to those who needed them.

Since the start of Gabe’s YouTube channel, he has been invited to give lectures & teach all over North America as well as parts of Central America & Europe. He continues to perform & release music under the name The New Human and facilitates an array of transformational gatherings.

Learn more about Gabe’s work by going to his website.


Shahram Akhavan

Shahram is a Science & Technology enthusiast, Digital Artist & Developer, Philosopher and Futurist. At an early age, Shahram had a deep curiosty for life and began to vigorously study science and technology building a foundational perspective of the universe and human civilization. Inspired by the knowledge he had accumulated and years of watching SciFi, Shahram decided to create his own content to express his unique ontological perspective. From years of working on complex videos for his YouTube Channel Alien Philosopher, as well as years of familiarizing himself with programming by building games, he began to refine his skills creating and interfacing with technology. From Video to Game development, Shahram is profficient at using a variety of software (I.E. Adobe Suite, Gsuite, Web Applications, Knack databases, Appfolio, Blender, Maya, Daz3D, C4D Unity, Unreal Engine 4 etc... ) to create in ways that can benefit both brand & business infrastrucutres.

 With 5+ years in the IT industry, Shahram has worked with major real estate and technology companies. He has assisted them to maximize the efficiency and logistics of their business utilizing software and technology. Virtual Reality is a major interest to Shahram. He has worked with VR technology since its early inception in 2016.

 Technology today plays a critical role in developing a sustainable future. A future that provides an abundant and nurturing ecosystem. If technology is integrated into a civilization harmoniously, it can increase the regenterative and creative qualities within human nature. Shahram's goal is to assist humanity in reaching its highest potential, so it can sustain itself as it reaches new phases of consciousness, evolution and cosmic exploration.

 See Shahram's LinkedIn for more information.