Music Composition & Production

Does Your Project Need Original Music & Sound Design?

Here you will find the musical composition and production services we offer:

Music For Film & Games
Music is one of the most important factors for any film or game.
We are available to compose original music for feature films, commercials, games, documentaries, YouTube videos & animations. We have composed originals scores for a variety of projects. Some of these projects include Canadian documentary Clearing The Way, the upcoming indie game Quantum Jump & many more.
Sound Design for Film & Games
From Foley to digitally synthesized sounds, if you can imagine it, we can design a sound for it.
Much like having an original score for your film or game, sound FX can bring your project to life. It's the factor that lets the audience feel the impact of what they are seeing on the screen. We use a combination of digital synthesis and Foley to design unique and original sounds.
Mixing & Mastering Your Music
Do you have music that needs to be mixed & mastered?
No matter the genre, if you have the WAV files we can help to make your music sound great! 
Audio Editing, De-noising & Polishing
Do you want to improve the audio quality of your film?
When you are filming out in the world, there are many factors that can depreciate the quality of your audio. Luckily, there aren't to many things that a little de-noising can't fix. Our equalization and compression techniques can improve the audio of your film, giving it a crisp and professional sound. 

Price varies depending on the type of service we are providing.

Below are some examples of our work:

In addition to the examples displayed above, there are many more examples of our work that can be found by going Gabe's YouTube channel.

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