Software & Design Lessons

Looking To Become An Expert In Digital Media Creation?

Here you will find the software & design lessons we offer:

Graphic Design, Digital Art & Animation
Become an artistic master of the digital universe.
Create digital art and graphics using Photoshop, Learn stop motion graphics and 3D animation using Adobe After Effects. Build digital worlds using 3D modeling software such as Daz3d & Blender. Our software lessons can teach you a wide variety of platforms to assist you in becoming an excellent and versatile digital designer. 
Design Your Own Websites
Learn the latest site building platforms to create stunning websites.
Learn to use platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Wordpress & Squarespace to design modern and professional websites of your very own. These lessons can provide you with the step by step process to enable you in becoming a web design expert.
Edit & Produce Your Own Videos
Want to do something special with the footage you've filmed?
These lessons can show you how to use the latest industry standard software such as Adobe Premiere to edit together your vision.

We currently offer 1 hour lessons for $60.

Below is a sample of the software lessons we offer:

We have a libraries of free lessons available on our YouTube channel. In addition to that, if you are interested in learning a software platform that is not mentioned above, please inquire to see how we may assist you.

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